I'm allergic to soy.  What is in the protein shake?
Not to worry, the protein source is combo of brown rice, golden pea and cranberry.  One serving has 20 grams, contains ALL essential amino acids and has 20 essential vitamins and minerals.  The shakes are alkaline-forming, assist in releasing toxic fat and are 98% absorbable.  No cholesterol saturated fat or trans fat, no artificial colors, flavors sweeteners, no gluten, dairy or soy and no GMO.  Great as a meal, snack or post-workout protein recovery.  Chocolate or vanilla, TASTES FANTASTIC!
If I’m a picky eater?  Will I be hungry?
We have 5 categories of food with several items per category.  If you are a picky eater I suggest you circle at least one item per group.  There is one category that is unlimited so fill up!  You will not be hungry on this program.  Many people don't release weight because they aren't eating enough food, or the right combinations of food.  You will learn what works best for you.
Can I do this program if I am pregnant or nursing?
It is definitely important to focus on health during this time for you and your baby.  We have a special package designed just for you.  It includes everything except the detox.  Contact us, and we will send you the package and pricing.  We want to connect with you individually to get more information to support you as you move forward.

Detox scares me, what should I expect?   Can I go out while taking it?
This is a gentle, 30 day, whole foods detoxifying cleanse.  As your body rids itself of toxins you will feel energized.  On day 14 you will start the 7 day body cleanse.  Slightly more intense but nothing to be afraid of or stay home for. 

Do I need to exercise?
It depends on your starting point.  I have several people who have started this program that just don't feel well due to joint pain, or are carrying extreme amounts of weight and it hurts to even walk.  You will work with your coach on this.  What usually happens is when people start to feel better and have more energy,  they begin doing things they haven't in years. Most people want to live a more active lifestyle.  Exercise looks many different ways.  
What are the expected results? 
Results will vary from person to person.  If you need to lose weight you will.  Some comments we hear consistently are:  I feel better and sleep better, more energy, brain fog has lifted, energy all day long and of course the weight is GONE!  Read the testimonies under the "changed lives" tab.  
How many calories a day can I have?
Good News! We do not count calories or points.  Our plan is eating nutrient dense food.
How am I going to get enough protein if I can’t have dairy?  I am a vegetarian.
Our shakes are perfect for everyone.  Combo of brown rice, golden pea and cranberry.  One serving has 20 grams per, contains ALL essential amino acids and 20 essential vitamins and minerals.  Arbonne products are certified vegan.

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